Team work

In our team, everyone contributes to an open and informal atmosphere. We share responsibilities and grow our competencies, while not afraid of making errors.
This results in a highly professional, yet joyful atmosphere where we support each other in creating state-of-the-art software as a solid base for our digital solutions. Working hard in creating the best results goes hand in hand with lots of informal moments...

We treat our team for their efforts with a corona proof weekly lunch, Friday pie and -not to forget- monthly team drinks.

Michiel Sioen


Fascinated by the possibilities of new technology, Michiel fell in love with the creation process that goes hand in hand with developing for innovative media. After several years working abroad he returned to Belgium, reinforcing the Flow Pilots team. Next to developing, Michiel busies himself with squash, reading and good food.

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Marcellino van Hecke

Frontend Developer

Always interested in the latest technologies and advancements concerning ICT. Marcellino is a no-nonsense and straight to the point guy. He loves to take on a challenge on the job and in the gym

Anique Brandsma

HR Manager

A fascination for the wonderful mind of human beings led Anique to the field of Human Resources. She loves to work at young, growing Technical Development Companies, where she brings a warm and authentic HR guidance for team and management. Having the luck of doing a job where she can ask 'How colleagues are really doing', she supports them in their personal growth and she strengthens the organization in building a People Centered Culture. Outside of her work she finds her vitamins in nature running and yoga, enabling to combine the job passion with a dynamic family life.

Ricardo Gonzalez Gallego


Ricardo’s interest in digital project management was triggered while working as an interaction developer. He realized that he wanted to be involved in the entire process of creating digital products. From exploring the customer’s journey to defining an execution plan and delivering the final project. If not at work or at the coffee machine, you’ll find him on the streets taking pictures or travelling around the world with his camera.

Dewi Van De Vyver


It is an unbelievable privilege to be CEO of Flow Pilots and to work with such an amazing team. When we started in 2011, I could have never imagined the journey that lay ahead.
Looking back at all the people that worked for us and still work for us, I am proud of what we have achieved. How we encourage independent thinking, to show ambition and passion, how we stimulate learning and help to build a network, I wish I could have started in this kind of environment when I left university. I deem it very important to keep an open vision on employee engagement, listening and readjusting accordingly in order to keep growing and staying on top of our game.

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Tara Reid

Marketing Coordinator

With an immense passion and interest for marketing, communication and creativity, Tara loves nothing more than to grow a business with new ideas and solutions in this field. She believes Marketing is one of the most important aspects of a company.

Both in work and life in general, Tara loves a full agenda, lots of different inputs, open minded people, dogs and French fries.

Bart Meeus

IOS developer

Programmer and guitarist in one. Bart grew up interested in technology, collecting every piece of hardware he could find and picking up programming along the way. But of course no man can live just behind a screen. He found his passion in guitar since 2003. When he’s not pulling off awesome riffs you can find him on the couch with his dog while reading a good book.

Selin Özpak

Business analyst

You know that person in your group of friends who is always planning something but maybe gets a little too overexcited about it sometimes? Well, that’s Selin. Selin has always had a thing for business and choose to be an analist because it gives her the opportunity to connect with people on a daily basis. On her days off, you’ll either find Selin spending time with her friends and family or exploring new adventures.

Bram Nouwen

IOS developer

Bram is an entrepreneur who is always thinking how something can be done better and how it can profit others and himself. His interest in programming began when he started automating an online game and didn’t want to rely on what others made, so he started creating his own stuff. Today he brings this mindset to the mobile world. When he’s not spending his free time working on his own projects he’s hanging out with friends.

Brent Van Vosselen

IOS developer

Brent was fascinated from a young age by technology. He decided to pursue this interest and started to learn how to program. Now he is working as a Mobile Developer at Flow Pilots. In the meanwhile he also developed a passion for fitness. So when he’s not programming or hanging out with his friends, you’re most likely to find him in the gym.

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Christophe Senesael

Android developer

As a young man, Christophe was always fascinated by video games, and his curiosity on how they were made led him down the road of programming. Since his first encounter with Xamarin, he knew he wanted to specialise himself in mobile development and be at the forefront of this technological revolution. In his free time, he loves to read books, watch great movies and having a drink with friends.

Gert Cominotto

Senior Backend/Cloud developer

Gert is not your average code-monkey. With his passion for quality code, UI, UX and customer satisfaction, he loves building apps that stand out from the crowd. As a strong believer of the “New” Microsoft, Gert mainly focuses on Windows Phone and Windows Apps.

Jelle Cayman

Lead designer

As a product designer Jelle loves translating ideas and human interactions into a clear digital language. His background in typography helps him create clean looking, readable web & mobile applications with all the information in the right place. Finding simple and functional solutions for user experience is what gratifies him the most.

Jelle Offermans

Project Manager

Just as many of his colleagues Jelle is passionate about technology, innovation, and customer experience. Amidst all the combined passion and enthusiasm of the team, he makes sure to guard one key aspect in living up to our clients’ expectations: “What does our client need, want, and wish for?”.
To ease his mind, there is nothing that can top a long bicycle ride in good company.

Johan Degrieck

Project Manager

In the past Johan has been working as a developer on a variety of IT projects for different clients that are active in banking, telecom, public, transport and education sector. With his previous working experience he decided to shift his career towards a more coordinative role as a project manager. Johan is passionate about digital gadgets and likes to experiment with new technologies. In good weather conditions, you might spot him on his electric skateboard. In bad weather conditions you might find him wandering in VR space.

Johan Soetewey

DevOps Engineer / Back-end Developer

Johan is a person who’s driven in solving problems by creating new solutions. Using both his knowledge in programming and system engineering he’s able to develop, deploy and maintain different solutions.
In regards to his personality he’s a person who’s calm, loyal and trustworthy.
In his spare time he also creates music, enjoys nature and hanging out with friends. He is also your man to go for movie trivia.

Mattias Plaisier

Android developer

Programming is more than writing lines of code for Mattias. It is a passion which keeps him busy night and day. When he’s not behind his computer you can find him reading a book, in the gym or playing some music.

Rick Secretin

Backend developer

The interest in computers started at the age of 9 when Rick got his first computer from his dad. From that moment on he fell in love with computers. At a later age the interest in programming grew and continues to this day. Other than working, he loves cycling and practices Jiu Jitsu.

Stijn Huygh

Android developer

Stijn started his career a scientific researcher, and soon discovered that process of research and development have a lot of similarities. For him the beauty of writing code is in the expression of an idea and realising that your code is only as good as the assumptions you made. When he is not behind his keyboard, he loves to spend time with friends, enjoy a great cup of coffee, and debate about all sorts of things.

Thierry Van Craen

Digital account manager

Educated to be a designer, born to do the talking. Combine this with being a morning person as well as a night owl, Thierry will try day and night to help customers find a solution to help solve their (un)known problems.

Thomas Corbeel

Mobile developer

For now, he is a young developer who wants to learn as much as possible about developing. And after that, he might become a hat salesman.


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