Research shows that a comfortable and enjoyable workspace has an influence on employees health, satisfaction, wellbeing and performance. With some simple human-centred changes to your office setting, you can immensely improve the atmosphere at your office. Here are some tips and things Flow Pilots does to ensure a warm, welcome and productive work setting. 

Integrate nature in your space  

Nature is unequivocally important as a source of energy and a booster for both mental and physical health. It has been proven that being in a natural environment improves your positive mindset and productivity. Creating this natural setting in your office space can be done in many different ways and degrees. Adding (a lot) of plants is a quick win, throughout our office space we have a number of both real and fake plants, don’t be mistaken, also fake plants can do the trick. Try to take in as much natural light and fresh air as possible and if you have the chance of choosing a new office space, give preference to long and distant views. We have the luck that we work on the 10th floor of our building, where the views are endless and we’re surrounded with natural light and windows that open to let in fresh air all day long. Creating a green space or room where you imitate a forest, for example, can also work. A plant wall, big stickers of forests, natural sounds and even a forest scent dispenser can recreate the effect of being in real nature has on our mind and bodies.   

Home is where the heart is

Again, it’s all about making your team feel good.  The happier people are, the more productive they will be. Make sure your office space feels like a warm and welcome place. At Flow Pilots we have carpeting throughout the office, this is a low investment item with big results. It’s pleasing to the eye and it works silencing, which both create a more calm work atmosphere. We also integrated a homely kitchen and paid attention to kitchenware that’s nice and doesn’t make you feel like your in the refectory of your highschool. A good coffee machine can go a long way, water, some tea and fresh juice options and can take your kitchen area to the next level, it’s also a place where we have interesting conversations and come up with some of the best ideas!

Health comes first 

 Descent desk chairs, options to work on a standing desk, extra computer equipment,… the last thing you want is your team members going home with a cramped neck or shoulders. Good productivity starts with feeling good. Besides these ‘basics’ we also provide a fruit basket or workshops on mental health, how to relax and be mindful. Make time to talk about health and educate your team about this. Health, fitness and feeling good (mentally and physically) are by far the most important things for your employees. Besides these things, our HR manager is very committed to the mental health and happiness of our team. It’s good to have a designated person in your company to take care of all matters concerning the mental and emotional wellbeing of the team. 

Work hard play hard 

Last but not least: relaxing and taking a break is very important when working. Make sure your brain is able to use other cells for a while and totally detach from what they were working on. Not only does it help to reduce stress levels, but taking your mind off work also help to gain new insights and produce better work afterwards. Depending on the space you can incorporate different kinds of fun games. A pool table, dartboard, in our case a pinball machine or ping pong table. At Flow Pilots we also arrange a game night every now and then. Besides taking your mind off work, it also creates a positive and fun connotation with your workplace.


As you see some simple alternations to your office space can go a long way. Start with the basics and continue to incorporate new things along the way, it will benefit everyone in the long run. 

Healthy body = happy person = good productivity! 

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