With the switch of CEO and management team, Dewi Van de Vyver felt like it was time to freshen things up. Re-evaluate who we are, who we want to be, and what needs to be done to get there.



One of the first things we had to do was redefine our ‘WHY’ and recreate a common identity. As we grew as a team, the original founders’ story was no longer ‘our’ story. Who are we, why do we do what we do, what differentiates us from others, we needed a new common story that told our companies’ identity.

This is a process we did with the entire team and for which we took our time. “I think it’s really important to involve the team, because, in the end, all the people who work at Flow Pilots are the ambassadors of our company. We make digital tools for people, that’s what we stand for, and that also what we carry out internally”, says Dewi. Throughout this year we will continue to restyle Flow Pilots, so our visual image also matches our fresh redefined story.



One of our main values has always been our focus on the end client, a real person. When designing apps, we always start from the point of view of this person. The product has to be most compatible with his/her convenience and needs, why he/she needs the product and what problem does it solve for him/her. We only work with companies who share this same value. We want to carry out this motto further, and make sure everyone knows that Flow Pilots always has their full focus on the person that will use the digital service and operates from this value.



We believe digitalisation will be a sharpener for those lagging behind but will offer unprecedented opportunities for those who embrace it. Flow Pilots wants to help companies to impact the experience of their customer thanks to digitalisation. We spend a lot of energy on staying up to date with what’s going on in the digital world. That’s why we embrace ecosystems such as The Beacon and Watt Factory, work actively on partnerships, attend and organise events and trainings, and give in house workshops, so we’re able to provide a future proof tool and service for our clients. We want to maintain a perfect understanding of our market and as a result engage in long-lasting, stable partnerships with our customers.


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