Eager as a start-up, thorough as an expert

Flow Pilots is an experienced, preferred digital transformation partner. We Pilot our customers towards the best digital solutions. In doing so, we combine the eagerness of our start-up ‘genes’, with the expertise of our highly skilled team and our thorough, down-to-earth scrum approach. ‘Making the life of end-users better’ is what really motivates all of us.


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One of the things I enjoy most in my spare time is read about the newest digital technologies and experiment with them. A lot of colleagues share this interest. During our lunch break, I love to talk and brainstorm about our experiences and think about the possible practical applications of these new technologies.

Johan Degrieck - Project Manager

Team work

In our team, everyone contributes to an open and informal atmosphere. We share responsibilities and grow our competences, while not afraid of making errors.
This results in a highly professional, yet joyful atmosphere where we support each other in creating state-of-the-art software as a solid base for our digital solutions. Working hard in creating the best results goes hand in hand with lots of informal moments...

We treat our team for their efforts with a corona proof weekly lunch, Friday pie, plenty of fun activities and -not to forget- monthly team drinks.

Meet the team


Are you the passionate pilot we should meet?

Do you have a love for technology and would you like to work in a supportive, open and straightforward atmosphere where everybody likes a good laugh? 

Yes? Then you’re the Pilot we would love to take on new adventures.

If you believe you are the person we HAVE to meet, be sure to give us a call, send a DM or pass by to discuss some work that really sparks your system. 

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Freelance Xamarin Developer
  • Freelancer
  • 3 to 4 years of experience
Sales Representative Industry 4.0
  • Fixed Contract
  • 3 to 4 years of experience
Sales Representative Service Industry
  • Fixed Contract
  • 3 to 4 years of experience

The ideal climate for professional growth

Working at Flow Pilots means you have the chance to work on an exciting variety of projects for both major and minor customers. Although you work closely with our customers, you’re not stationed at their offices. We believe that our team members long for a steady base and perform best when we can work together and learn from each other. Our spacious office in the centre of Antwerp, offering a nearly 360 view of the inspiring Antwerp skyline, will give you just that. You are also welcome to work at home, allowing you to focus on your work while optimizing the work-life balance that is needed to perform at your best.

Why work at Flowpilots

1. A solid company

Flow Pilots is a solid company with a well-devised business plan, a firm foundation and a promising future. Those who manage to get on board now will give themselves a great chance of enjoying unrivalled growth with us.

2. Responsibility & autonomy

Uncle Ben once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” And he was right. Our talents are given an extraordinary amount of freedom and autonomy to work on their projects in a way that best suits them. However, they have an equal amount of responsibility for completing those projects on time and according to specifications.

3. People first 

At Flow Pilots, people always come first. We act from an 'end-user first' mentality instead of a 'technology-first' mindset. A healthy work-life balance is what keeps us going! 
Whether it's our team, our clients or their end-users, our first focus is always on people! 


4. Straightforward, honest & open communication

Your personality plays a major role in our selection process. What character traits are we looking for? Straightforwardness and honesty. At Flow Pilots, we say it like it is instead of beating about the bush. That’s easier, faster and more effective.

Flow Pilots
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